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Installing a "package" of bees.

Installing a "package" of bees.

We are located in Reno, Nevada. It is our passion to help save the world one bee at a time.  Our mission is to help install backyard honeybee hives in any backyard that wants one.  We will help you decide what kind of hive you want, and where to place it.  We will help you with the purchase of your bees and hive.  Then we can help maintain your hive throughout the year, and help educate you through this process.  

Changing the world, one beekeeper at a time.

Changing the world, one beekeeper at a time.



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We want to help you place your hive somewhere in your yard.   It is usually best to place the hive somewhere that gets morning light, and faces south - east.  Once the hive is placed, we will help you with the purchase of your bees, and placing those bees inside your new hive.  There is never a guarantee that the bees will stay where we want them, but they usually do.  Once the bees have been installed in your new hive, you can sit back and watch them fly in and out, and watch your garden explode.


We can be hired to  place your hive, and install your bees, or be hired to do it all.    Either way, we are willing to help you with your bees.  We also love to educate.  If you want to help with inspections of your hive, treat for mites, process honey, we are there for you.  Hives should be inspected or pulled apart about once a month to assure that all is well in the hive.  Hives should also be checked for mites, and treated accordingly throughout the year, especially in spring and fall.   

HOney harvesting

Honey is an amazing product produced by bees.  They forage flowers and place nectar in the hive.  The nectar is then fanned by the bees until it reaches about 17% water.  At this point, the bees cap the cell, and it is now called honey.  Bees produce honey as their winter food.  So, for our area, each hive must be left 60 - 100 lbs of honey for the hive to survive through winter.  If we have a good spring, that does not frost out, one hive can easily produce 200 lbs of honey.  That leaves 100 lbs for the bees, and 100 lbs for you.  

The men of experiment are like the ant; they only collect and use. But the bee...gathers its materials from the flowers of the garden and of the field, but transforms and digests it by a power of its own.
— Leonardo da Vinci



Queen sitting in the middle of the frame.

Queen sitting in the middle of the frame.


$100 first-time hive placement and installation only

This service is for consultation, placement of the hive, and installation of the bees. 

Additional Initial Start-Up Expenses

Bees - Approx $150 

Hive - $150 - $750

Equipment - Never ending

$300 Yearly Hive care and MAINTENANCE (includes initial placement and installation)

This service includes consultation, placement of the hive, and installation of the bees.  This service also includes maintenance of the hive throughout the year.  Monthly inspections, honey processing,  hive expansion, and treating for mites. (This does not include continuation costs)

Additional possible continuation costs

Expansion hive body - $30

Expansion frames - Approx $30

Jars for bottling honey - Never ending

$50 Aided hive inspections and mite treatment

Already have a hive? Want help with inspections?  Not entirely confident yet.  I am here to help teach and educate you about the bee keeping process.  Or if you only need me to help you treat your hives for mites, I can help you with it all.



Flowers & Bees





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